2019 fashion trends

Every year after January 15th, I feel ready for spring. I no longer save wool coats to my Shoptagr but start putting together a lightly interpreted version of a capsule wardrobe for the next season. This year I’m especially excited about the process since almost all of the trends are simply music to my soul. I have to admit, sticking to a more minimalist, less items, more quality mindset is going to be quite a challenge.

Here are the trends I feel most excited about and will enjoy wearing on a daily basis, as well as some pieces that you can include in your wardrobe to incorporate these trends yourself. And oh god, there’s sooo manyyy!

Nudes and neutrals

By far my favourite colour choice is now officially allowed to be worn head-to-toe. It’s so chic, so easy to wear and goes with every single occasion.

Coral, rust & chocolate

A little splash of colour that’s as warm as the summer sun and melts with seaside sunsets.

Lavender and dusty pink

For when you feel like adding just a gentle, pastel hint of colour to your outfit.

Utility and safari

I always loved how utility and safari inspired jackets can tone down an uber sexy look and this year they just blend perfectly with the neutrals trend.

Wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are so classy, easy to wear and my closet is already full of them, I couldn’t love this trend any more than I already do.

Animal print

I have to admit, a year ago you wouldn’t catch me dead in an animal print. One too many YouTube vlogs later I am addicted and find it elevates any outfit and makes you look steamy.


If you can tie it in a bow, I’m sold, especially when it comes to necklines and hair ties. I also feel you can join trends together by tying a monogram, scarf print or animal print scarf in a bow around your pony tail.