You make an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid unhealthy, sweet and processed foods, make sure to use the best natural skin care out there but you’re still unable to get rid of acne and breakouts? Research and experience of those who saw the improvements on their own skin confirm the culprit you were looking for is none other than milk.

Acne and breakouts can become an issue both with adolescents as well as adults and spread all over the body, not just the face. Although research was often focused primarily on teenagers we now know dairy can play a role in the formation of impurities throughout our lives.

Dairy increases sebum production

Dairy contains naturally present hormones that are intended to provide calves with the necessary for their growth. These hormones (dihydrotestosterone or DHT precursors), however, affect our bodies as well and tell our skin to increase sebum production. The effects become even worse due to the fact our skin already contains enzymes that transform DHT precursors into DHT, one of the main causes of acne.

Another issue are the growth hormones, for example the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) that stimulates sebum production and skin cell growth, causing skin cells to die away faster and accumulate in and clog our pores as well as speed up the ageing process. Taking into consideration elevated insulin levels accelerate acne formation it is obvious additional intake of the insulin-like IGF-1 only worsens the situation.

Dairy and inflammation

Inflammation turns clogged pores into large, red and painful acne in skin’s effort to remove impurities and intruders. Milk contains many pesticides, dioxin, antibiotics, blood, fecies, bacteria and viruses and our skin tries to protect us from these by forming acne.

Inflammation can also be a reaction to allergens and milk allergy is one of the most common allergies we know, made even worse by the homogenisation process. Allergies are caused by protein stored inside larger fat globules that are broken into much smaller ones as milk is homogenised. These smaller globules can travel into our blood much more easily and expose our bodies to an increased number of allergens.

Restricting dairy and proper care

In order to help your skin clear and detox you will need to completely avoid dairy for weeks if not months. At the same time you will need to follow a strict skin care routine using high quality products to remove impurities and dead skin cells as well as provide your skin with abundant amounts of antioxidants.