In a world driven by social media, success stories become increasingly mind-blowing. You can literally go from being a ‘nobody’ to world fame in weeks, which is exactly how the 21-year-old make-up artist Ariel Tejada became one of the most influential names in the beauty industry today.

After finishing high school, Ariel started working as a makeup artist in New York and, as he recalls, “harassing” anyone who could help him succeed. He was constantly contacting photographers and models, hyping himself up as the best make-up artist to get the job. His willingness to boldly send direct messages to celebrities and confidently sell himself off as nothing short of a miracle-worker finally paid off when in he received a direct message of his own in April 2015. It was Kylie Jenner asking him to do her make-up and sending him her phone number.


Tonight’s Glam with Bae @kyliejenner wearing her new lip color in “Ginger” #kyliejenner #makeupbyariel 😘💋

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Since then, the duo created one of the most influential looks in beauty history and gained an impressive Instagram following. Kylie creates a wave of excitement by posting selfies of Ariel’s masterpieces to almost 80 million followers, while Ariel’s own following is about to reach 1 million. Ariel has now created amazing looks for celebrities such as the Kardashian and Jenner family, Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Graham, Shay Mitchell, Olivia Pierson and Nicole Williams that have women across the globe attempting to recreate his signature glam. During his recent visit to Amsterdam, Ariel gave away his secrets during a make-up Masterclass. Along with his mind-blowing techniques of applying makeup that often break the rules and change the game completely, the young artist also revealed a complete make-up routine product list that I sum up below.



Ariel Tejada Masterclass



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