Aeropress inverted method

Aeropress is my go-to tool for brewing coffee. This peculiar looking plastic tube produces a cup of coffee so phenomenal, it has gained an impressive following among world-class baristas (there’s even an entire championship devoted to it) and has found a sacred spot in just about every speciality coffee shop. What makes this fact even more unusual is that the creators behind the Aeropress, Aerobie, first became famous for inventing a ring Frisbee.

Aeropress inverted method

The Aeropress combines two methods of coffee extraction – immersion and pressure, creating the perfect synergy of coffee brewing methods and giving us complete control over the brewing process. By regulating grind, coffee to water ratio, water temperature and immersion time, every step of the process is completely adaptable. The results are every coffee geek’s dream – pronounced aromas and a full body but without excess bitterness or acidity. Oh, and it only takes 2 minutes to make that perfect brew.

While your Aeropress is shipped with a handy set of instructions, most coffee enthusiasts suggest you toss them in the trash bin and do things upside-down.

Aeropress inverted method

What’s Wrong With The Original Aeropress Method?

When using the Aeropress the original way, two issues occur that can compromise the quality of the resulting cup of coffee. Firstly, when we begin pouring water over the coffee beans, under extracted coffee immediately starts leaking into the cup. We can alleviate the problem a little by sealing the Aeropress right after stirring the coffee and pulling the plunger back up a bit to create a vacuum and stop the dripping, but this won’t prevent all of the weak coffee from ending up in our cup. Secondly, using the regular method leaves the bloom (the aromatic foamy layer, full of oils that forms on top of the coffee and water mixture) far away from the filter, not taking full advantage of its flavours.

Both issues can be completely avoided by simply turning things around.

Aeropress inverted method

How To Brew With The Inverted Method?

1. Grind your coffee (16-18g per full Aeropress) to slightly finer than sea salt.

2. Put the plunger into the Aeropress just enough to seal it and turn it upside down with the opening on top.

3. Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress and gently shake to level it.

4. Place the paper filter into the filter holder and rinse with hot water

Aeropress inverted method

5. Pour hot water (around 85 degrees Celsius) over the coffee and stir for 10 seconds. Let the coffee sit for around one minute. You can also start by saturating the coffee with just a small amount of water first, then let it bloom for 30 seconds and only then pour the rest of the water over it.

Aeropress inverted method


6. Screw the filter holder with the rinsed filter in place onto the Aeropress, invert it onto a cup and press.

7. Voila – perfect, barista-champion quality coffee every single time!


Make sure to always rinse and re-assemble your Aeropress immediately after brewing.